Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little break from posting projects: Amigurumi Eyes!

So I have made a few things with eyes and I know that eyes for craft projects are something many people experiment with.

Suggestions I've seen (and have not necessarily tried!):
- Sewn-n small black (and white) pom-poms. Available at most craft stores, great for baby, small child and animal toys.
- "Safety eyes" (little plastic screw-like bits complete with "nut" to screw onto the back). These can get fairly pricey, IMO, but are great if you want a certain look. The best place to get these online in bulk is Harvey's Hobby Hut. Otherwise, you can get a pack of 10 eyes (5 pairs) for a couple of bucks at Joann Fabric & Craft.
- Embroidered yarn eyes. I've done this a few times with varying results (I'm not the best at embroidery!). For baby, small child and animal toys, this is also a great option.
- Sculpey/clay eyes. Create eyes out of clay and glue or sew them on.
- Plastic "wiggle" eyes. I've used these a couple of times so far and like the look and the price.
- Button eyes. I've used buttons a few times, though I'll admit it's not always easy to find eyes that work exactly how you want (my experience stemming from purchasing 11+ pounds of various buttons and sifting through them even after I've sorted them by size and color!). Definitely nice for larger projects (i.e. hats) and can be painted if you want pupils.
- Crochet or felt eyes. Crochet a circle the right size or cut some felt the right size. Sew or glew them on. Definitely not a bad option.
- Yarn knot eyes. I haven't used this method exactly yet (I have made french knots and attached those, however), but it looks promising! Knitty Cat Knot Eyes (scoll to the bottom of the page for the PDF.

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