Sunday, February 28, 2010

PATTERN: Toast Play Food or Dog Toy

My husband & I drove to Phoenix the first week of January 2010 to visit our friends Jason and Beth and I crocheted during the 6-7 hour drive and a bit while visiting. Their dog, Raiden, kept grabbing my balls of yarn, so I decided to use the toast I was making into a toy for him.

For a dog toy, I would highly recommend sewing the rounded tops of the toast together more so that there aren't loose spaces between the triple crochets (Raiden pulled those apart pretty quickly, proving them to be definite vulnerabilities!). I used 4 pieces of toast for this toy and crocheted them together.

For play food, I think it would be fine to only use 2 pieces of toast with stuffing in between. Reinforcement isn't as necessary.

I used worsted weight yarn and a 5.5mm hook.

Toast: (make two or four)
Row 1: starting in 2nd st, sc 15 - 16 sts
Row 2-8: ch2, dc 16 - 16 sts
Row 9: ch1, 7 tr in 4th st, sl st in 6th st, sc 2, 7 tr in 4th st from end, sl st & fasten off

For play food, sc border in a darker brown on both.
For dog toy, sc border in a darker brown on two of four.

Butter: With yellow, ch6
Row 2-4: sc 5 across
Row 5: sc 5 across, Fasten off.

Assembly: For dog toy, reinforce tr. Sew butter patch(es) to desired pieces. Sc together all 4 pieces of toast with dark brown. Add jingle bell or two in between middle pieces if desired.
For play food, sew butter patch(es) to desired pieces. sc together with dark brown, stuffing before the final stitches.

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