Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pillow Forms and Throw Pillows, And a new Living Room

This is mostly a note for me, but I also thought I'd share it with anyone else who may find this blog. :)

We are redoing our living room quite a bit. We have/had a huge 36" Sony CRT that weighs 280lbs and equally huge speakers [4' tall - like you'd see at a rock concert] taking up a decent amount of space in our living room and now had a 55" Samsung LCD LED that is up on the wall above our fireplace and will have a much smaller 5.1 speaker setup. In order to mount the new TV on our wall, we had to take down the floor-to-ceiling mirrors that covered that wall and then paint it. We painted it Glidden's Soft Sapphire, a medium blue.

We're also getting a new sofa that will be a dark Royal microsuede blue that will go into the corner and open the room up considerably.

We currently have some grayish-blue throw pillows (to accent our medium-gray microfiber sofa & love seat) which will go with our new sofa, but I want some gray (our other walls will be Glidden's Polished Pewter and our carpet is a dark gray), silver and black and maybe some dark blue throw pillows. I picked some black ones up at Target ($9.99 each - yay!).

As this blog is, of course, a crochet projects blog, I'll get to the crochet project part! I'm making a small (12x16) pillow for my friend's daughter and bought a pillow form from Joann Fabric & Crafts last week while they were half off and that inspired me to crochet us some new throw pillows! I'll likely use Caron's Simply Soft and Red Heart's Soft yarns and am eyeing this Zig Zag pillow on

Naturally, I don't want to spend a whole lot on these pillows (I'm cheap, remember?), so I've been trying to figure out where else to get cheap pillow form. I've been on the lookout for throw pillows at thrift stores (no luck), but and here is where I get to the point!: I found a good-sized pillow form at Target for $4.99!! It's part of their "cover your own throw pillow" thing, which is great. I'd say it's probably 18x18.

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