Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm now, officially, an aunt!

Caron Simply Soft Collection Autumn Maize and Eco Ocean
And so, now, I am making all sorts of things for my nephew (my sister-in-law's infant son), Orion Augustus.

I made him a ribbed hat that was striped with Caron's Simply Soft Collection Yarn: "Autumn Maize" and their Eco "Ocean" that was for a 3-6mos old rather than a newborn. I made some before for my friend's newborn and little Kami grew out of them within about 2 weeks, so I'm likely to err on the side of older from now on! I modified this pattern to be 30 FSC instead of a ch of 25 and then did 36 rows (17.5").

Orion's Stegosaurus Hat,
also available on my Etsy Page
The other two hats I made him were inspired-by that I just played around with until I got it how I wanted it. One was a newsboy cap made with cotton yarn and a wooden button from my collection. The other a stegosaurus earflap beanie, a bit of a test run for the hat I intend to make little Kami. It was my friend Sarah who showed me a photo of someone else's hat and gushed over it that inspired me there. :)

I've been busier on Etsy lately for some reason! Unfortunately, not necessarily a lot of crochet orders, but many, many origami lucky star & lucky star strip orders. I have, however, had a lot of interest in my Castle Crashers beanie and the animal orbs, which is great! Love spreading the Castle Crashers love!

One thing that has also kept me busy (besides my adorable shih tzu, Wicket, and my other crafting!) has been the starghan I made for another friend's baby shower. Everyone knows I love stars plus it's a more interesting and unique afghan than many I've seen, so I have decided that is going to be my standard baby shower gift, haha. I've already given 3 away so far! This one was fun because it actually went with the nursery theme - "Starry Night". I made it with pastel blue, yellow and white and put a "cloud"/shell border along the edge.

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