Friday, April 22, 2011

More baby hats! Plus PATTERN: Bunny hat

I believe the last thing I was talking about making on here was the owl hat I was making for Kami. Well, I finished it! I was able to give it to her last week while at a friend's bridal shower.

Pretty sure I mentioned that it was inspired by another designer's hat, which is why I don't really feel right posting the pattern (I don't know how close it is to hers - I don't know what hers looks like - but I did look at photos of her design and try to create a pattern using it). There were some aspects of it that I really, really liked and will be mimicking in other hats, like the braids on the earflaps (made shorter for little ones just in case!) and the cute bits hanging off the ears.

Of course, it all helps that Kami is just so darn adorable. I mean, look at that little face! :)

I also made a little pink bunny hat with a face on it for my other friend's newborn daughter, Hannah, but didn't get a photo of it (yet? hehe). And... then I made another one, out of cotton this time, for my nephew, Orion. It's pretty simple, as one would expect a bunny hat to be, but I like how it turned out!

You can get the pattern at a discount if you like my facebook page and then click here (Regular Price is $1.30, Discount makes it $1):