Sunday, October 9, 2011

Holiday Season is Almost Upon Us!

Also, hat season! My busy-ness has only increased for some reason as the year starts to wind down. Weddings, wedding gigs, holiday photoshoots, and hat orders galore. :)

Currently, when not working, I'm working on revamping my Castle Crashers Knight hat. When I first wrote the pattern, I had never made a hat before. I also hadn't written many patterns at that point. And I have made slight modifications almost every time I have made another hat for someone on Etsy... the eyes and "knobs" in particular.

I was also inspired to make some hats of animal orbs from CC, though unfortunately I haven't made any yet as the person who wanted Rammy changed their mind. :( BUT that doesn't mean I won't be coming up with some more patterns for them!

I imagine this post is a bit boring and I apologize for that! I'll blame my busy few months some more and the cold that I'm getting over. ;P

Something else to look forward to: some dog toy patterns and probably a sweater/hoodie or two. I intend to make some things to donate to a local shelter AND I'll have some Italian Greyhounds to design for soon! Our friends are moving back with their dogs who are used to Phoenix winters and will likely enjoy some sweaters! :)

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