For Sale: Castle Crashers Beanie Hat

First, I LOVE this game. It's addicting and really fun!

So, to show my love, I have created this Castle Crashers Knight hat. After getting tons of compliments when wearing it around town, I've decided to share the love and offer the fine gamers/nerds of teh internets the chance to purchase one. :)

The traditional colors from the game would be: light/medium blue, light/medium green, red, orange, gray, and now pink!
I can make your hat in any color you'd like. Want a purple hat? Yellow? Black? Charcoal? Camouflage? Just say the word!
Get your own custom Castle Crashers hat from my shop: CrazyStars Handmade

Check out the game's website: Castle Crashers.


  1. I ordered 3 hats (red, orange, and green) for me and my friends about a week ago. How do I know when I will get them?

  2. Hi Philip! I sent an e-mail to your Gmail address a few days ago. :)

  3. How can I order the castle Crashers Beenie Hat in black or blue for a 12 year old. Can't find where it says to place an order on your website.